Monitoring and Evaluation Support

SOLIDARITAS committed, through the facilitation of technical and managerial skills, making monitoring and evaluation as an essential part of organizational culture

Not many development programs to monitor and evaluate themselves consistently and continuously. Generally the draft monitoring and evaluation stops on paper as a document. Partly because of the lack of technical resources, partly because there are many institutions and development practitioners who consider MONEV more than the formal obligations to the funder.

SOLIDARITAS services not only stop the development of M & E design, but also support and facilitate implementation of M & E in practice program design. At this level, we provide services such as: (1) Development of the concept and operational plans, tools, and mechanisms for key stages; (2) Technical assistance and capacity building locks; (3) Direct support implementation of M & E process; (4) Facilitate the use of M & E results both for the internal management of the program and input into the policymaking process.

Although impressed by the technical support we interpret it more as a strategy to make M & E as part of the organization’s culture. We are aware that the civilizing MONEV not easy, therefore, support SOLIDARITY built with the principles of collaborative partnership, including:

  1. Establish a sense of ownership of program management. Our support not intende to replace or abort the functions and obligations of the MONEV PIC.
  2. Active participation from program leader is an important element. Passion did MONEV should appear first on the program managers themselves in order to work optimally helpful MONEV.
  3. Placing capacity building and transfer knowledge as a priority. Service was interpreted as an attempt to spread the positive spirit to build a learning process continuously (continuous improvement) among SOLIDARITAS partners.
  4. To encurage the optimal use of MONEV information. SOLIDARITAS seeks to develop a variety of approaches to M & E results can be accessed quickly, friendly, and open in accordance with the characteristics of users including encouraging the strengthening of organizational knowledge management SOLIDARITAS partners.


Some clients who have ulitized the service of Monitoring and Evaluation Support are:


Support to the Development and Implementation of a Revised M&E Design

Klien: KINERJA, RTI International, USAID / Periode: November 2015 – Februari 2017

Since October 2015, SOLIDARITAS has supported the extension of the KINERJA program in Papua related to the re-design of their M&E framework to respond to changes in program strategy, especially considering the internal resources and capacity to implement M&E. SOLIDARITAS supported Kinerja Papua management to define the monitoring questions, guiding principles, performance indicators, and the use of a “story-based approach” in order to answer 4 key monitoring questions. SOLIDARITAS has subsequently provided ongoing support to the KINERJA M&E team, including mentoring and coaching support related to the implementation of the M&E system.


MAMPU Partner Design

Klien: MAMPU, The Whitelum Group, DFAT Australia / Periode: May – December 2015

From June to November 2015, SOLIDARITAS supported The Whitelum Group in the design of a program extension for the MAMPU program’s 9 NGO partners. SOLIDARITAS gave input into the overall design process, and specifically supported the participatory design of each of the partner’s general M&E frameworks related to their program design.