Program Evaluation

SOLIDARITAS commited to provide monitoring and evaluation service with the spirit of collaboration and participation among actors of development program.

In non-profit sector and government program cylce, evaluation is like a compass. It served spawned approriate information in order for program planners able to take quick steps to the continuous improvement of the program. It goes where the program resources should be devoted,  into the field of learning, while giving signs how the program can work more effectively quickly to achieve their goals.

When trusted to do the evaluation, SOLIDARITAS usually do:

  1. Evaluation scoping, help determine (or reviewing) needs and focus on the evaluation;
  2. Evaluability assessment, assesment evaluation;
  3. Develop evaluation design;
  4. Implementation of evaluation, from the determination of the sampling, development of the instrument design, data collection, analysis result and interpretation; and
  5. (As appropriate) Support the use of evaluation report, for example for the next year planning

SOLIDARITAS very focus on on the evaluation design appropriate in accordance with the needs and priorities of the program. In the evaluation work, we promote involvement of program managers, among others in choosing the assessment criteria proportionate, transparent and fair, in collecting the data and interpret it, and in discussing the implications of the results of the evaluation.

Evaluation is not much use if it fails to produce information that is easy to use. We seek a variety of communication approaches to pack the results of the evaluation information so easily accessible, friendly, efficient but still sharp and attractive.


Some clients who have utilized the services of Program Evaluation are:

Library visitor survey and baseline studies

Klien: Coca Cola Foundation Indonesia, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation / Status: on going

After the PerpuSeru program was awarded a new grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to scale up its program to an additional 80 districts, SOLIDARITAS has been contracted to support the program to conduct a study documenting the existing conditions of new partner libraries about the use, quality and impact of library services. SOLIDARITAS will develop the instrument and methodology for a tablet-based user survey, updating the instrument used in previous years to also incorporate the Government of Indonesia regulation requiring government institutions to implement a Customer Satisfaction Survey (Survei Kepuasan Masyarakat).


Prototyping a library information management system

Klien: Coca Cola Foundation Indonesia, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation / Status: Completed

From September 2014 – January 2016, SOLIDARITAS developed a prototype for a system called “Kunang-Kunang” to enable local libraries to collect, manage, and produce information related to the use of internet services within the library. The system was designed to be managed by the library itself, with support from SOLIDARITAS to increase their capacity for improvement including as an input for planning and advocacy.

Comprehensive support for M&E system development and implementation on Phase II program implementation

Klien: PerpuSeru, Coca Cola Foundation Indonesia, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation / Status: Completed

From October 2014 to June 2015, SOLIDARITAS continued its support to the PerpuSeru program in developing an M&E system for a new phase of program implementation. The support consisted of (1) a process evaluation of the program’s “core facilitator approach” to investigate the effectiveness evaluation of a new delivery approach used by the program support local and village libraries (2) a survey of library visitors related to use and impact of library services; and (3) the development of an online reporting system, and (4) general advisory support to the program team related to internal reflection and iterative improvement in the overall program strategy.

Case study of a national training project for election officials

Klien: Australian Electoral Commission, DFAT Australia / Status: Completed

From March to June 2014, SOLIDARITAS conducted a case study of a standardized training provided by the Australia Electoral Commission’s electoral support program to the Indonesian Election Commission (KPU). SOLIDARITAS worked together with the program to design and conduct the case study to maximize the documentation and future application of lessons learned from the conduct of the training.