Management and Implementing Team

Mark Fiorello


Mark  is specialist of evaluation design, data and systems management, which currently serves as Director of SOLIDARITAS. His main task is to lead the technical work of SOLIDARITAS, especially to encourage the integration of the practice of MONEV into program management system widely.

Nanda Sirajulmunir


Nanda is the Director of SOLIDARITAS. He lead SOLIDARITAS work related to the development of M&E systems design and implementation. System and implementation strategies are developed in collaboration with decision maker and PIC of M&E in internal clients.

Emma Piper 


Emma has a social science background and currently supports projects that involve evaluation, case studies, design, piloting, learning and action research.  Emma has worked in NGOs and with donor organizations and has experience with governance, community development, livelihoods, and environment issues.

Abdul Basit

Operational Manager / Analyst

Abdul Basit is the Operational Manager and analyst at SOLIDARITAS. He is responsible for managing the data, ensuring the quality of data collection, data entry and presenting it to the readable information for use, either for program management or public learning.

Trio Sirmareza

Senior Consultant

Trio is a Senior Consultant at SOLIDARITAS, with over 7 years of experience working in the development sector. Over the last 3 years, Trio has been providing M&E support to international donors and Indonesian NGOs, particularly in monitoring design, implementation, instrument development, data analysis and synthesis, learning through reflection, and reporting.

Rahmi Yunita


Rahmi Yunita (Tita) has been engaged with SOLIDARITAS works since 2016. Starting from 2017, Tita becomes SOLIDARITAS Associate in capacity building-related work, which is in line with Tita’s background as a facilitator, trainer and program implementer in organizational capacity development, both for nonprofit and public sector for more than 15 years.

Dyah Indrapati


Dyah, or more familiar known as Ibe, is a highly experienced facilitator with extensive experience in development program. Currently, Ibe supports SOLIDARITAS in various reflective and participative facilitations. 

Operation Team

Erwin Susanto

GA & Admin Officer

Erwin or more familiar known as Fillan is GA & Admin Assistant at SOLIDARITAS.  Fillan is responsible for general administration and helps provide operational needs for whole SOLIDARITAS staffs.

Aurora Dahniar

Finance Officer

Aurora is in charge of running the financial administration, managing taxation and disburse financial resources for the project and operational office SOLIDARITAS. Aurora is an important part of SOLIDARITAS’s work in applying the principles of transparency and financial accountability in the management organization.